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7 Workouts To Get An Extra Burn With Little Time To Spare

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It seems like every day that passes and the older I get, there is less time for me to get a full workout in. What I realized is that I need to adjust the workouts that I do in order to keep up with fitness. Below is a list of workouts or changes to my daily life that I have made, check them out and let me know if you have any other ideas.

Run in the morning

The morning is when you will burn the most amount of fat throughout the day. I learned from listening to Olympians during the recent Olympics that you should run in the morning on an empty stomach. Wake up 30 minutes early 2-3 days a week to get a couple of miles in, this should help burn extra fat as well as boost your metabolism throughout the day.

Change your chair.

Switch out the hard desk chair for a stability ball. The stability ball for a chair isn’t just fun to bounce on while waiting for your email to load (well, it is but that’s not the point). Without having something to lean back on you’re engaging your core muscles, finally chiseling out those abs. With the extra movement throughout the day, you will burn more calories while improving the strength of your core.

Make the best out of that walk to the fridge.

Going to grab another coffee and quick snack? Earn it. Get there by doing some walking lunges or squat jumps.

Don’t shower until you sweat.

Before you take a shower at the end of the day fit in a mini workout. Do 10 reps of squats, pushups, and crunches three times before you turn the water on or while you’re waiting for it to heat up.

Sign up and schedule fitness classes as you would an important meeting.

Dedicating time to your fitness is just as important as that meeting with your boss. Sign up for yoga, Zumba, cycling, hip-hop cardio, whatever floats your boat, and put it on your schedule as you would anything work related. The more planned out it is the more likely it is you’ll be sticking to it. So if one yoga class a week is all that fits into your schedule then dedicate yourself to being there every week.

Exercise at your desk.

There are many exercises that you can do without even getting up from your chair. Lift your legs up onto your toes and hold for 10 seconds. Do this three times and you’ve just done a calf workout that no one at the morning meeting even noticed. Or, lift your legs so they are parallel to the ground and hold it for 10 seconds, do this three times. This may sound tedious and/or insignificant but trust me it will help burn some extra calories.

Take a break and dance it out.

When 2 a.m. is approaching and you feel like you’re about to lose your mind writing a 15-page research paper due in 6 hours, take a break! For just three minutes stand up and stretch, turn on a song and dance it out. All the frustration and pent up anger about doing this work that you probably shouldn’t have procrastinated on, literally shake it off. Just for one 3-4 minute song, throw in a little cardio then get back to work.

No matter how busy you may be fitness should always be a priority. A membership to a pricey gym is not always the answer. You can keep up with your fitness right from home or work totally free and on your own time.

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