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7 Mood-Boosting Foods That Will Give You a Lift

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Nutrition not only leads to a healthy body but also to a healthy mind and mood. It’s very tempting to give into cravings for greasy foods such as a slice of pizza or an entire block of chocolate to get us out of the doldrums, but there are far better ways to feel better without sacrificing our health! We take a look at some of the best ways to lift your mood naturally.


Honey combats free radicals produced by sugars. Its natural compounds reduce inflammation, helping to improve brain health. The reduction of inflammation works as a mood-booster. Try a slice of whole wheat bread with honey for great nutrition and a sweeter mood.


Kombucha acts as an adaptogen, balancing the body through non-toxic plant derivatives. It’s balancing and stress-relieving properties, thanks to vitamins like B12 and C, coupled with healthy bacteria lead to a healthy mind and body.


Dating back to ancient Egyptian times, cinnamon has been an important staple to overall health. More recently, the neurological benefits of cinnamon have become clear. Cinnamon is a memory stimulant and can assist in regulating blood sugar levels, therefore helping you feel more alert – even just by smelling it. Cinnamon is a natural alternative to using refined sugars. Try to use organic cinnamon for the best benefits.


Fish high in Omega 3 fatty acids act as a great mood smoother. Studies have shown Omega 3 to stabilize depressive symptoms. This is because our brains need Omega 3 to function correctly, but the body does not naturally produce it. Omega 3 has long been known for its benefits to bone health, so be sure to make fish a regular part of your diet. It is important though to avoid fish high in Mercury, so try Atlantic Salmon or Pacific Sardines.


Zinc is particularly important to immune system health and a stable mood. A lack of zinc can trigger depressive symptoms. To feel great and protect your body from disease, there are many foods to try. Cashews, pumpkin seeds, and eggs are excellent sources of zinc and other vitamins. Oysters are an amazing source of zinc, while also being high in Omega 3 – it’s win-win!


Not only are probiotics essential to good gut health, but studies have indicated that there is a such a thing as the ‘gut-brain axis’ by which compounds are produced in the gut and send signals to the brain. Probiotics can trigger the feel-good hormones like dopamine which help to boost the mood by combatting anxious and depressive emotions.


For a simple way to get a spring back into your step, grab a banana and go! The iron in bananas helps to fight fatigue and the fiber helps to prevent spikes in blood sugar levels, keeping you on an even keel.


Hopefully, we’ve given you some inspiration for ways to lift your spirits without reaching for that sugary drink or double-strength latte!

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